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UD750 Barcode Discrepancy Update

January 8, 2015

Dear Valued Customers:

It has come to our attention that some of you may be experiencing difficulties scanning the barcodes of some of our UD750 blister packages.  We discovered that the fifth digit of impacted barcodes is a “0” when it should be a “3” designating the product as a “drug”.  This error primarily impacts automated medication management systems that look for the medication code (instead of the NDC code) for verification. As a result, automated medication management systems are unable to accurately identify the appropriate category for these products. 

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this coding discrepancy.  SKY takes pride in offering high quality products that support the bedside scanning initiatives of our customers, and we take these issues very seriously.  We are in the process of revising the barcodes on impacted UD750 blister packages.  All UD750 products packaged as of January 5, 2015 will have the corrected barcode format containing the “3” designator.