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Hydrocodone Reclassification -- SKY Updates and New NDC Information

With the reclassification of Hydrocodone, SKY must make a few changes that will affect availability of SKY Hydrocodone + APAP in the near future.  

What This Means For You

Since production and storage of CII products requires an on-site controlled substance vault, we must temporarily continue production of this item through our Memphis repackaging facility, RxPak.  As a result, distribution of product will be limited to states that RxPak is licensed to ship controlled substances to, which may impact some of our end customers.  The only wholesalers currently able to carry the product are McKesson (all distribution centers) and Cardinal (all distribution centers).

Additionally, we are asking everyone to note that the old NDC 63739 0532 10 has been replaced with new NDC 63739 0704 10

New Vault On The Way

SKY Packaging's controlled substance vault has an expected installation date of mid - December, 2014. By January 1st, 2015, we expect to have Hydrocodone + APAP available to all wholesalers once again. Please stay connected via our homepage and Twitter for more information. 

Returns of SKY Hydrocodone Schedule III Medications

Effective   October 1, 2014 , SKY Packaging will no longer accept any returns of Hydrocodone Combination Products.  After   October 1, 2014 , all Hydrocodone Combination Products MUST be sent to a third party disposal facility licensed to handle CII products. SKY is not capable of this type of service.  

Products shipped after   October 6, 2014   will be subject to the Controlled Substance Act's regulatory controls and will require the processing of DEA form 222 with all shipments.